Growing Cold

Raise the gun
And let the bullet sing
Raise the gun
There is no missing link
In the theory of liquid pain
Raise the gun
With every blow a tear
Raise the gun
Let it all disappear
Growing cold
Unconscious in the rain of falling leaves
You tie yourself and youíre so afraid
To see whatís on the mirrorís other side
In strange new flesh you become forever sore
Chopped in a half by self-created illusions
Religious clown in a copper crown of confusion
Disorder fills your shaking hands,
You will slumber in embracing sand
There is no time to reverse what was wrong
There is no way out, though you waited so long
Youíre shipwrecked, your soul like glass
Even shadow paralyzed
None knows
Raise the gun
Images behind
Raise the gun
Thereís none of your kind
Inside god a devil hides
Someone laughs
Childish way to persevere
Spirit walks
Incomer from a sphere
Blue flower
Some silly gifts
Inside god a devil laughs

The Theater

They have seen it all
Stage bathed in the curtainís red
And an old man in a young oneís costume
Hobbling along the spotlightsí brilliance
Furrows shining with tears
The canyons dried out for years
Clumping with life once again
Behold the theater for the last time
I am the senile hope, misshapen form
In the handís tremble, in their cup
Four times of my illusions
Mage, I transform dreams
Into scraps of commonplaceness
Bitterness under fingernails
The dirt of refused slumbers
They have seen it all
Passion in the eyes of the old actor
A spark of beauty in the geniusí ugliness
Sometimes a hesitance, sometimes incertitude
And laughterís mournful rain
Thrilled voice is dying
They knowÖ
Applause, tornado of applause
Turmoiled gestures, someoneís weep
Behold the master
Bring the flowers, autographs
Curtain falls
Behind the coulisses, the old man washes himself clean
Of makeup, with his own tears, those last

Visions Of Serenity
( Even Snow Dies )

Over the mountains, over the hills
Far away, in the realm of blind light
Inside the vault of frozen leaves
Where springs cry out for life
And smoke is a shadow, a reminder of
Yesterdayís mourní
We wait in a glacial tomb
Forever embraced eye to eye
Hoping for the endless sleep
Ice in your eyes
Our queen above, sheís no longer mad
She found what she was looking forÖ so long
Still ice cold surface of silence keeping us motionless
Kissing with our look
Dancing in our sleep
ďWho would ever know,
That your spell will be broken
And I will wake up.
I was ready, but it hurts till now.
Youíve been like the dark, that I used to tuck in.
The black I protected from the light.Ē
In this day of white
In marvelous candlelight
Surprising wishes distress me
Wish you were here again
To freeze in an embrace of the past
Cryonic remaining laugh
Just a smile after tear
Cruel beauty to appear
Iím not alive, I donít sleep
In the winterís kiss and empty glass
Solid pain from the skies you know my Love
Even the snow dies

Painting My Horrors

The unfortunate nature of the disguise
Heaven taken away from us,
Our wings forbidden,
Abandoned from the gods
We are roaming without end.
Call me devil or Satan,
Call me whatever you dare,
I donít care if you know who I am,
I donít really careÖ
So many years inside this maze,
With no clue or higher purpose.
Iím so confused when you ask me
What is our arche?
Thereís no good, no evil,
Darknessí just a part of the light,
Devil is a shade of a god,
All wisdom seen in flashlight.
 Hatred seen through the curtains of sadness
Iím slightly heading for internal dream,
In private limbo Iíve got my cell.
Constant depression reminds me,
That one day weíre all gonnaí fell.
Iím sick and tired of all these words
About death, sin and god,
Iím sick and tired of forcing everyone
To be martyrs for no cause.
Iím painting my horrors in colors blood red
Iím painting my horrors in colors blood red
Liquid desire running through my veins,
It is a desire for life
Iím painting horrors in red
Iím breaking through these walls everyday
Blue walls of limbo
Iím painting horrors in red
Solitude, how pitiful it sounds,
But it was made for me.
Nothing, nothing, nothing explains
Why my breathís so cold
Iím painting my horrors in colors blood red
Iím painting my horrors in colors blood red
Let the silence lick your face
It will take the pain away
Let the silence lick your sad face
It will ease the pain away

Archont Demiurg

From a grotsque painting
of my selfish dreams
comes a creeping chaos
of my purest fears
Through a book of mirrors
to my morbid core
runs a path of madness
from the ancient lore
Whispering secrets about
his majesties fall...
...From there is no turning back
...But you shall eventually forget
From the stagnant being
of oblivious kiss
via ars tenebris
to the mortal bliss
From a silent planet
in the lions' den
to a silent planet
where the serpents dare
And you shall moan...
And you shall cry...
For thy decadence
And you shall moan...
And you shall cry...
For thy perseverence
I make the i speak the words
that openeth the door
come forth i say i turn the key
now walk the earth once more
And as the sun rises again
i see no crown i see no thorns
and as i contemplate
i greet a new day - Demiurg's

© 2003 In Coma